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How to propose badges to the DAO?

EtherScore DAO members can propose badges in a specific Discord channel. The core team will review the suggestions to be added into a Snapshot proposal.
To propose badges, you must have claimed a badge and the 'DAO member' role to access restricted Discord channels. If you already have the role you can go directly to step 4.
Steps to propose badges to the EtherScore DAO:
  1. 1.
    Owning an EtherScore badge (How to claim a badge)
  2. 3.
    Get the 'DAO member' Discord role (How to claim Discord roles)
  3. 4.
    Go into the Discord channel 'proposal-1'
  4. 5.
    Use the provided guidelines to submit a badge in the channel:
    Please keep in mind that we look for 'positive behaviours' within the web3 ecosystem. To suggest a badge please follow this template:
    Badge Name:
    Badge Description:
    Badge Conditions:
    Badge Datasource:
    Badge Benefits:
    Why do you think these people are pertinent to be selected?
    We would like to avoid badges that can be farmed/cheated, please try to think about potential 'attack vectors' and highlight them if any.
To facilitate collaborations, a curated list of badges proposed by the community will be provided in a 2nd channel 'proposal-1-summary' after reviewing from the team (removing any badge not technically implementable or not aligned with EtherScore values).
The team will announce the 1st Snapshot proposal during February 2023. You may be rewarded for your badge proposals if they are accepted by the community!