“EtherScore is a decentralized on-chain reputation system for blockchains’ users and Dapps”
  • Reputation systems in blockchains are missing: bots benefit from airdrops and incentives at the expense of Dapps and real users, speculators exploit token sales and DAO governance prioritizes capital.
  • Applications need a way to identify and reward efficiently their users for their contributions.
    With EtherScore, users can build their on-chain reputation by collecting badges to represent Web3 achievements. EtherScore profiles showcase resumes of users' Web3 activities in a single place.
  • Dapps can build on top of badges to develop reputation-based services such as curated social networks, fair airdrops and token sales, loyalty programs, DeFi and DAO governance based on on-chain reputations etc.
  • Using the EtherScore Badge Factory, anyone can issue badges to curate and reward its community with no-code. Several badge templates/properties will be available to support a large range of use cases (soulbound tokens, evolutive badges, revocability etc.).
Last modified 2mo ago