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EtherScore DAO

A DAO to make Web3 fair
EtherScore aims to decentralize its governance over time. Enabling this will be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Using tokenized voting, EtherScore users will be able to make proposals and vote for governance decisions.
Proposals can represent anything. They might concern the management of the DAO’s treasury, the issuance of EtherScore’s badge collections, adjusting badge prices, fee distribution ratios, hiring or changing or adding to protocol parameters.
EtherScore intends to experiment with new paradigms of governance by using EtherScore Badges in addition to ERC20 tokens. Several models will be explored to find an appropriate combination of capital and reputation that balances everyone's interests.
Today, EtherScore uses Snapshot off-chain voting system. To vote in EtherScore DAO, please follow this tutorial.

EtherScore DAO phase 1 : "1-badge-1-vote":

For now, the DAO is experimented in our Alpha Version with vote weights defined as 1 badge = 1 vote, more details about the alpha version here:
We have performed a 'Temperature Check' on Snapshot to measure the involvement of EtherScore users and experiment with our definition of vote weights (link to EtherScore DAO proposal on Snapshot).
We released a proposal where users could vote on which badges to add to the current collection. Users were able to suggest badges in our Discord, and after being reviewed by our team, they could vote in a Snapshot proposal to select 2 badges out of 5 (link to the EtherScore DAO proposal on Snapshot).
Other proposals are planned before the second phase of the DAO.

EtherScore DAO phase 2 : "Badges have different voting power" (soon)

The next step will be to define different vote weights for EtherScore badges based on their eligiblity conditions.
Instinctively, the strategy would be that the more difficult a badge is to acquired, the more it should weight. However Web3 communities do not value the same exact actions; some thinks that the trading volume should be the most important metric, while others may prefer the active participation in DAO proposals. Therefore our goal is to try to build a model generical enough to support the entire community. More details will soon be released, stay tuned!