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How to build on top?

If you want to integrate EtherScore badges to your Dapp or community, please reach us at [email protected]
What can be built on top of badges:
  • Commemorate users achievements: incentivize engagement and user growth, also useable to teach users specific actions/features.
  • Contribution-based DAOs: define your DAO vote weights based on on-chain reputation instead of money.
  • Discord private channels: curate your Discord server discussions by restricting certain channels to specific users.
  • Access to an airdrop, ICO or NFT minting: avoid bots and farmers by curating your airdrop recipients to maximize airdrop efficiency. Restrict ICO or NFT whitelist access to specific users having been identified as 'reputable' or having already used a specific protocol.
  • Fidelity programs: distribute discounts on provided services for reliable users.
  • Reputation-based services: build new features for your Dapp based on on-chain reputation acquired by badge holders. It can be restricting access to existing part or actions in your Dapp, or it can be provide new feature reserved for specific badge holders.
Available integrations: