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EtherScore NFT Badges

NFTs to represent Web3 users' achievements
Web3 users can claim EtherScore badges based on their usage of blockchains and Dapps. Badges are NFTs representing achievements that compose users' on-chain reputation. They can be used by any Dapp to distribute benefits and used in EtherScore Profiles to showcase the contributions made.
Badges are composed of minting conditions which represent the achievements required to be able to mint the NFT (example: "having done 3 swaps on Uniswap"). Various types of badges will co-exist such as single-metric, multi-metric, evolutive (multi-threshold), soulbound tokens, and a lot of other customizable properties.

Alpha version badges

The first versions of the badges are Soulbound tokens (they cannot be transferred) to ensure that reputation is not tradable and that benefits are directed to legitimate users. Here is an example of a badge deployed in our alpha version:
EtherScore badges: Alpha Version
The eligibility condition is explicit, users having claimed the 1st airdrop from Optimism can claim the badge. To know how to claim a badge, please follow this tutorial.
As a first use case, the badges will grant specific roles in our Discord, but more importantly, they will grant EtherScore DAO voting power on a 1-badge-1-vote basis (more details on the alpha version).

Beta version badges: (soon)

EtherScore badges: Beta Version
In our beta version, badges will have a new design and a lot of cool features to be announced!