🏭EtherScore Badge Factory

A tool for Dapps to curate their communities.

The EtherScore Badge Factory is at the core of the EtherScore protocol. It is the set of smart contracts that enable EtherScore NFT Badges to be deployed and tailored to a user’s precise specifications.

The badge factory provides a high degree of customization for EtherScore Badges, including minting conditions, transferability, supply, burnability, and evolution. After all, who better to experiment and develop innovations for community incentives and Dapps than the communities and platforms themselves?

The EtherScore Badge Factory is designed to focus on these characteristics:

  • Decentralization: Using The Graph and Chainlink, our data are indexed and queried in a decentralized manner.

  • Openness: Anyone can create and deploy a badge model without having to ask permission or give information to an intermediary.

  • Verifiability: EtherScore Badges are stored on-chain as NFTs, and are completely auditable since they contain the query and result to check their validity. Alternative badge providers don’t provide the same level of data integrity. Communities using their badges are forced to trust a centralized badge issuer concerning badge validity.

  • Customizability: Badge issuers can fully customize their badges to meet their requirements. Users can define minting conditions, transferability, burnability, supply, evolutive badges and many other qualities.

  • Ease of Use: A no-code interface will be provided to facilitate badge issuance. Of course, users may also interact with the smart contract directly.

While the EtherScore team is already using the badge factory to issue its own collection of badges, the factory is not yet available to the public. To create or build on top of badges, please follow the section 'For Builders'.

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