Why EtherScore?

Almost all blockchain projects experiment with an incentive mechanism to reward or encourage their users. Uniswap airdropped tokens, Coinlist deposited Karma, and UMA gave KPI options. They all relied on whitelists, often generated by third parties and off-chain data.

A whitelist is a blunt instrument. They can make sense when a single factor is considered, but each new variable makes a list much more difficult to assemble and unwieldy to use, particularly at scale. Whitelists lack the transparency and auditability that the crypto-community values, and can encourage free-riders and bad actors.

EtherScore solves a basic problem for blockchain organizations: how to find, recognize, and reward users over time. It provides a decentralized reputation system that can be completely customized to a developer’s needs. An EtherScore NFT badge places the onus for meeting the developer’s standards on the user.

EtherScore’s composability and the persistence of its NFT badges will allow a new class of reputation-based blockchain DApps such as curated social networks, DeSci, DeFi, GameFi and gaming achievements, fidelity programs, DAOs, and many more.

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